Pension Plans


Release Date 
Sept 2017

Records Retention Guideline


June 2016

Non-Compliant Filings Administrative Penalty Guideline


Information Bulletins

Release Date 
Sep 2019 Bulletin 19-002
E-Filing Systems and Communication Update
Feb 2019 Bulletin 19-001
Updated Extension of Solvency Deficiency Payment Period
Nov 2018 Bulletin 18-004
Disclosure of Solvency Deficiency for plans with Target Benefit components
Apr 2018 Bulletin 18-003
Audited Financial Statements
Feb 2018 Bulletin 18-002
Calculating Commuted Values for multijurisdictional formula based pension plans
Jan 2018 Bulletin 18-001
Termination Expense Assumption
Jan 2017 Bulletin 17-001
Transfer Options for Lump Sum Payment
Oct 2016 Bulletin 16-009
Extension of Solvency Deficiency Payment Period
Sep 2016 Bulletin 16-008
APR filing of Membership
Sep 2016 Bulletin 16-007
Filing of Notice of Termination of Plans
Aug 2016 Bulletin 16-006
Clarification of Union Consent Requirement for Target Benefit Plan Conversions
July 2016 Bulletin 16-005
Clarification of Triennial Plan Assessment Timeline
June 2016 Bulletin 16-004
Pension Plan Administration in the Event of a Postal Strike at Canada Post
June 2016 Bulletin 16-003
B.C. signs PRPP Agreement
June 2016 Bulletin 16-002
2016 Agreement Respecting Multi-Jurisdictional Pension Plans
Mar 2016 Bulletin 16-001
Guideline for Converting Plans from Defined Benefit to Targeted Benefit
Dec 2015 Bulletin 15-010
Extension of Amendment Filing Deadline
Dec 2015 Bulletin 15-009
Equities in a Target Benefit Provision
Sept 2015
Bulletin 15-008
Submission of Amendments to a Plan Text Document
Sept 2015
Bulletin 15-007
Changes to Actuarial Information Summary
Sept 2015
Bulletin 15-006
Filing of Reports and Returns
Sept 2015
Bulletin 15-005
Life Income Fund Interest Rate and Withdrawal Calculations
May 2015
Bulletin 15-004
Administrative Information and Checklists
May 2015
Bulletin 15-003
Summary of Changes - Regulation
May 2015
Bulletin 15-002
Summary of Changes - Act
May 2015
Bulletin 15-001
New Pension Legislation Proclaimed
Sep 2014
Bulletin 14-004
Pension Unlocking Scams Update
Aug 2014
Bulletin 14-003
Providing Notice of Contribution Holidays
Jul 2014
Bulletin 14-002
Pension Unlocking Scams
Oct 2012
Bulletin 12-004
Restrictions to Commuted Value Transfers (Updated)
Oct 2012
Bulletin 12-003
Introducing the Actuarial Information Summary
Oct 2012
Bulletin 12-002
Filing Off-Cycle Actuarial Valuation Reports
Aug 2011
Bulletin 11-002
Updated Guidelines for Requests for Solvency Extensions for Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Nov 2010
Bulletin 10-006
Registration of Amendments as required under the Pension Benefits Standards Act (The "Act")
Aug 2010
Bulletin 10-004
Restrictions to Commuted Value Transfers
Aug 2010
Bulletin 10-003
Letters of Credit to Fund Solvency Deficiencies
Nov 2009
Bulletin 09-009
A Guide for the Registration of a Pension Plan in  British Columbia
Jul 2009
Bulletin 09-005
Transfer of Commuted Value from a DB Plan
Aug 2009
Bulletin 09-004
Reducing or Suspending Contributions to a Defined Contribution Plan
Nov 2008
Bulletin 08-004
Application for a Solvency Moratorium
Aug 2008
Bulletin 08-002
Solvency Deficiency Payments
Jun 2008
Bulletin 08-001
Fee Changes to British Columbia Registered Pension Plans

Archived Information Bulletins